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Bins and Bins of Flies

Counting flies is a breeze.  The Trout Fly Mammoth Lakes, CA has approximately 1600 bins each with 20 to 100 loose fishing flies to be inventoried.  This totals about 65,000 individual pieces each worth from $.70 to $2.00. Sartorius GM312 counting flies

Estimating by sight is good to about +/- 20% or an error in inventory value of $13,000 and hand counting is horribly tedious and labor intensive.

With the balance we get errors more in the range of 1-2% due to variations in weights of flies.  The Sartorius GM312 balance will pay for itself in the first inventory.

Special Thanks to Kent Rianda at The Trout Fly in Mammoth Lakes, CA for submitting this article.  If you have a good story regarding how you are using your balance e-mail it to and we'll consider posting it on our web site.  Review more stories.

The Sartorius GM312 has been discontinued and the closest we recommend for an alternate the Sartorius Practum 412-1S

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